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Welcome to the homepage of the Eastbayshore Eruv

Leora Lawton, CEO & President
Sam Ginsburg, Treasurer
Gary Marcus
Jonah Markowitz
Avraham Burrell, Manager

Rabbinic Advisory Board
Rabbi Yaakov Love, HaRav HaMachshir
Rabbi Yonatan Cohen

Lev Jasper
Yehoshua Safran

The Eruv is UP, for Shabbat, Parshat Dvarim
July 24-25
Candlelighting is 8:08 PM.

The purpose of this site is to provide information about the Eruv in parts of Berkeley and Albany.
In this site you can find information about the eruv telephone hotline for its weekly status, boundaries,
Board and Certifying Rabbi, how to donate,
and links for more information regarding the halacha of eruvim.

New! A slight rerouting has occurred due to construction.
Between Thousand Oaks and Portland in Albany, the eruv boundary now goes on Curtis, not Santa Fe.
Only the southeast corner of Curtis and Portland is in the Eruv in that corner.
A new map has been posted. (February 15, 2013)

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Thank you!

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